Tax Relief Sale!

tax relief saleFB2016

April 15th is tax day. Well, it’s supposed to be. This year apparently taxes are due on April 18 because of some obscure holiday. But as far as we’re concerned, April 15 will always be tax day, and always be the date of our Tax Relief Sale. (Plus, we scheduled this a while ago and we can’t change it).

We can’t do much to help you with your taxes (seriously. We’re all writers over here, you don’t want us (ok, ME) doing math for you.) So we figured instead we’d give you something to be excited about on April 15. Or at least something to distract you from thinking about the fact that you just gave all your money to the government.

So we’re offering 4 FREE KINDLE DOWNLOADS from April 15-16. 

That means you can download:

This can fill your Kindle library and keep you distracted from the fact that you just gave all your money to the government for MONTHS.



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