Fictional Guest Blogger: Katie Jacobs from A Hundred Weddings

5 Tips for a Perfect Wedding

By Katie Jacobs

Oh, that title makes me laugh. Perfect wedding? No such thing. But as a seasoned (I love that word) wedding planner/daughter/consultant/attendant/guest, I can tell you a few things I’ve learned over the years that can make your wedding day more perfect. If you’re a bride-to-be, you should REALLY CONSIDER:

  1. The date. I know it’s Your Special Day. But any out-of-town guests, family members, and attendants who schlep across the country, or at least the state, to help celebrate Your Special Day would surely rather not use their vacation time for it. If you can, schedule the wedding on a Sunday over a holiday weekend so folks can travel Saturday and Monday. Not possible? Saturday evening weddings also give guests a chance to roll in early and poof the next morning.
  1. And your little dog too! Face it, small creatures are unpredictable and really don’t give a rat’s if they cause a scene. (Kind of like my Aunt Janice after her third scotch, but I digress.) If you’ll recall, my dog, Vincent, left his “mark” on every chair as he made his way up the aisle during one particular wedding. But if you don’t mind yelps and howls and bathroom accidents—and I’m talking toddlers now—go for it. Otherwise, let Baby Chloe or your Shih Tzu sit this one out.
  1. The cash. My mom always says to put the majority of your budget toward one or two things you love most. Is it all about the dress? Hey, if your beloved doesn’t mind, go snag that Pnina gown then. Love to party? Hire a killer band or spring for a fully-stocked bar. Just make sure you cut back in other areas. If you’re not big on flowers, for instance, use them just for bouquets and go with candles, fruit, sea shells, wine bottles, you name it, for centerpieces. If food isn’t your priority, or if it’s a between-meals affair, heavy appetizers, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and veggies, mini sandwiches, or deli platters will keep your guests happy and help them absorb that fully-stocked bar (did I mention my Aunt Janice?).
  1. The DIY. This might be a tough one. Pinterest could send you into therapy or bankruptcy with its wedding themes and trends and oh-so-cute must-haves. If you really want to get creative, pick a few fun things that match your theme and avoid the rest. Having barbecue for your reception? By all means opt for the gourmet lemonade stand with its abundant flavors served in mason jars, and throw in the rustic s’mores buffet to go along with it. But do you really need designer donuts, his-and-her signature cocktails, or a half-white, half-black (ugh) cake, too? No. The answer is just, no. And along these lines, you have my permission to forego the kitschy chalkboard signs and the $500 photo booth. It’s okay not to have these things, I promise.
  1. The blunders. The truth is, everyone wants a perfect Your Special Day, when in reality weddings are a lot like love—beautiful and breathtaking, also crazy, overwhelming, and out of control. Peggy’s best advice? Plan on five things going wrong. Seriously, they will. Someone will upset the bride, lose the cake server, twerk on the dance floor, or pee on the minister’s shoe (I’m thinking dog again here, but with weddings you never know). And when all five start to go down, you can just sit back and count them off. With any luck, you won’t even hit four, and with even more luck, by the time you’re at seven you’ll be having too much fun to notice.

Good, bad, or somewhere in between, your wedding is a milestone day that you’ll remember forever. It’s eaten into a huge chunk of your (or someone’s) bank account, taken you months to plan, and likely caused you to hyperventilate at least once. So you might as well enjoy yourself. And remember to BRIDE: Breathe, Relax, Imbibe, Dance, and Eat. Hey, I just made that up. And have two pieces of cake. Because it’s not half black. And because it’s Your Special Day!

Katie Jacobs is the fictional main character of A Hundred Weddings by Cathy Cruise. She’s a reformed anti-romantic, blogger and 

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