Sowing the Seeds of Creativity

by Jessica Leigh Lyons

crocus-in-snowHere in DC, all my favorite parts of spring are blossoming. Flowers are out on my walk to work, excitement abounds as people leave their houses, and shirtless men are playing softball on the National Mall (looking a little pasty, but I’ll TAKE IT!).

This is when many of us start to feel lots of energy about the year and our plans. This is when the ideas we had over the winter begin to take shape.

But spring is not here in full force yet, and once it arrives, life will move faster. So use this time to take care of yourself and cultivate your ideas. This is the moment of patience and clarity and getting ready for your world to open up or your ideas to flourish.

Really amazing ideas take time and love and care and patience. This moment, while it’s warming up, is still a moment of waiting.

As a confessed “come out guns blazing” kind of girl, I find the waiting a tad challenging. But I was recently reminded of a story about love and patience at this time of year, which inspired me take a look at my creative projects.

As with any good patience story, it’s about a proposal.

Johnny is a quiet, amiable man who runs a large catering company with grace and an unassuming attitude. After he had been with his girlfriend for a year, he decided to propose to her.

He went out in the early days of spring and planted flower bulbs, and then he waited. And he waited. And he watered. And he weeded. And he tenderly cared. (This is how I imagine it, but I don’t know all the details of how he took care of his garden.)

One day, a few green shoots came up. And then the flowers started blooming. And as spring warmed the air, the message became clear: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” A tender message of love and a lifetime promise had cropped up in their front yard.

Even though I’ve heard this story many times, my reaction is always: How did he wait that long? How were there no weeds mixed into that message? What if the squirrels had run off with the bulbs?

Clearly, I’m no gardener. Not in the literal sense. But this story of creativity, patience, and courage (and so much love) has been with me for years.

It is an example of what happens when you patiently care for your message, and it begs the question: What seeds are you sowing right now for your year? What is waiting within you that wants to be born? And what project needs your attention and care at this moment to blossom?

P.S. That couple recently returned from a trip abroad and had wonderful stories to share. After 20 years, they’re still in love.

Jessica Leigh Lyons is a life coach who works with women to help them create a life of joy. She is also a Desire Map facilitator. She can be found online at and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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