Shutdown Discount!

Sale-TagsIt happened. The government is closed. There’s not much we can do except wait to see what’s going to happen next. Everyone is frustrated at best, worried about paying bills at worst, and we at Possibilities Publishing wondered what we could do. We watched bars and restaurants and coffee shops all over DC offer drink specials and free coffee and places for people to gather while locked out of their offices. We can’t offer anything like that, but we can offer cheap books!

All of our e-books on sale for $.99 (we’d make them free if Amazon would let us). And we’ve enabled sharing on all of them as well, so you can pass them around and save even more!

Check out our catalog:

After Birth: Unconventional Writings from the Mommylands by Jenny Fiore

Pacifiers Anonymous: How to Kick the Thumb Sucking or Pacifier Habit by Dr. Sumi Sexton

Sell More Easily: Tales from the Trenches Guaranteed to Make You More Money by Howard Maslich

Sell More Easily: The Workbook Companion Guide to Sell More Easily by Howard Maslich

Your Genius Within: Understanding Sleep, Dream Interpretation and Self-Hypnosis by Victor Garlock, Ph.D

Bad Mommy Moments: Celebrating the Moments of New Motherhood that SUCK by Cindy Kane

Journey Stories by Cindy Kane.



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