Turning Points: Stories about Choice and Change

A collection of short stories, both fiction and non-fiction that explore the idea of Turning Points in different contexts.

“The Spirit Walk” by Ruth Boggs,  (non-fiction) – A writer recounts her choice to walk through her fears in quest for enlightenment;

“Just Like That” by William Cass, (fiction)- An old man has his beliefs challenged after an injury leaves him in need of help from an unlikely source.

“On Slickrock” by Julie Carrick Dalton,  (fiction) – An accident forces a woman to decide between her life’s work and life itself.

“Signals” by PJ Devlin, (fiction) – After a man is caught cheating by his wife, he decides to start fresh with his wife, but she has other plans.

“The Road to Heaven” by Brandon French, (fiction) – A woman’s desire for company leads her to open her life to a recovering addict, which leads her to make some hard choices about what’s best for both of them.

“Family Recipe” by Wendy Fontaine,  (non-fiction) – In a family where anger is an heirloom pass down, a mother has to decide if she’s going to break the pattern.

“Quinton Parnell Arrives on Ocracoke” by Ted Harrison, (fiction) – Quinton Parnell just wants to go surfing, but when he’s implicated in other people’s crimes, he’s forced to come up with a new plan.

“Scarlet Letter No More” by Joani Peacock, (non-fiction) – a teenage mother with few options gives up her baby for adoption, but years later is given the chance to reconnect and rewrite their stories.

“Tribe” by Barrington Smith -Seetachitt,  (fiction)- In a dystopian future, where non-citizens are forced into nomadic tribes roaming outside city walls, they reshape their definition of home.

“In the Land of Enchantment” by Kelli Sullivan, (fiction)- When young Clarissa sends her secret wish into the universe, it leads to a unexpected outcome.

“Turn, Turn, Turn” by Thelma Zirkelbach,  (non-fiction) – A woman looks back over her 82 years of life and appreciates all of the twists and turns she’s endured.