Besties, Bromances & Soulmates: Stories about Pivotal Relationships

Created from our 2016 anthology contest, this is a dynamic collection of stories and essays about relationships.


J.D. Blackrose, “My Vengeful Heart”
A young man goes to great lengths to rescue his best friend from a gruesome fate

Dakota James, “Mary and Margarita”
Two elderly friends seek to thwart their families’ plans to put them in a nursing home

Herta B. Feely, “The Last Time”
A woman tries to find the strength to walk away from a dangerous boyfriend

Troy D. Kurz, “The Hardest Friend to Have”
A man grieving his wife’s suicide gets help from an unexpected ally

Meredith Maslich, “Giggles”
A young wife must come to terms with her soldier husband’s trauma

Joani Peacock, “Make New Friends and…”
A woman reflects on friendships old and new

Jim Ryan, “Crying About It”
A teenage boy struggles to make sense of his parents’ divorce, friendship, and the allure of girls