#ShopSmall (or 5 Fun Facts About Us)

The title of this post refers to one of the hashtags associated with Small Business Saturday. The other popular one is #SmallBizSat. smallbizsat

You probably know that Small Business Saturday was started (and perpetuated) by American Express. But hopefully the fact that it was started by a major corporation doesn’t lessen your opinion of the effort. (We know that often pro small business turns into anti large corporations). But we don’t really see the world in terms of competition between big businesses and small businesses. Or even between small businesses and small business. We prefer to think in terms of partnership, or opportunity, or community.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in competition. We know that there are a million companies, let alone publishers competing for your hard-earned dollars, and we’re cool with that, because we also believe in capitalism and a free market system.

So we just do what we do, to the best of our ability and have faith that we’ll connect with our audience – which is to say, the people who get us. Because if there is one thing we’ve learned in our first four years as publishers, it’s that not everyone gets us, but the the ones who do, TOTALLY do. And when we connect with them we get better as a company and as a brand.

And all of that is to say, we’re not going to hit you with a hard-core sales pitch for Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday, or even for holiday shopping in general. Instead, I’m just gonna mention a few things you may not have known, and if those things connect with you, then we hope you’ll consider buying some of our books, or other products, or even just tell someone else about us.

Fun Facts:

  1. We are a 100% woman owned and operated company.
  2. We are not self-publishers. We only publish a handful of books each year because we only publish high quality, well written and edited books from authors who want to work within a partnership publishing model.
  3. We are the parent company for Sparkle&Snark, a lifestyle brand for authors. We offer products and e-courses aimed at supporting writers as they build their lives as authors. Sparkle&Snark is also a small business (even smaller than PPCo!) and is also 100% woman owned and operated.
  4. ShopSmall isn’t just a trending hashtag, or a neat idea for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it’s also a concept that sustains small businesses like this one. If you buy one book, or a can of tea, it makes a legit impact on our bottom line. Not because we have a huge markup, but because we operate with minimal overhead and small profit margins, so every sale makes an impact. I suspect we’re not alone in this within the small business world.
  5. We offer free books to anyone who promises to review the book and publicize it to their social media world. If you’re a book nerd on a budget, this could be a great option for you.

If you’d like to see what we’ve got to offer, you can check our the Shop tab on our website, or visit SparkleandSnark.com.

A few highlights to consider:

Besties, Bromances and Soulmates: Stories about Pivotal Relationships: this is a collection of short stories and essays that resulted from our 2016 anthology contest. We run the anthology contest as a way to connect with more undiscovered writers and give them another platform to reach their audience.

The Plan (Capitol Love Series) & The Pursuit (Capitol Love Series Book 2). This is a fun, contemporary romance series based on Washington, DC. Book 3 in the series will be out by Spring 2017, so now is the perfect time to get caught up.

A Hundred Weddings: This is our next release – available on Kindle on Dec. 1, and in paperback on Dec. 16, but it’s available for pre-order right now.

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