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All of our books are available in paperback and e-book from all major retailers and distributors such as Ingram and NACSCORP. Some titles are also available in indie bookstores.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00006] Wissahickon Souls, A Wissahickon Creek Story, a Novel by PJ Devlin
ISBN-13: 978-0692249109
Paperback available through Amazon, Ingram and NACSCORP
E-book available through: Amazon, Nook,iBooks,Kobo, and other e-book retailers.Wissahickon Souls is historical fiction set in the Philadelphia area in the early 19th century, and is a story of love, regret and reconciliation. The story follows the life of Claire Penniman, a free black woman born to free black parents in Philadelphia. Claire is indentured to Wissahickon Farm at the age of 6 in order to receive an education.  Claire is an unlikely but highly likable heroine, and the reader joins her on her journey toward adulthood against the alternating backdrops of Philadelphia, a rural farm, and Haiti, as each location becomes almost another character in the story. Claire’s story fills a gap in American memory that marginalizes 19th century African American lives.  This novel will appeal to readers who love to enter a time and place where they walk alongside characters they get to know as friends. Though Claire’s world defines a person by the color of his or her skin, Claire’s destiny is to bear witness to the truth that illuminates the color of souls.
UnfitCover-Final Unfit, a Novel by Lara Cleveland Torgesen
ISBN-13: 978-0615874494
Paperback available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs.
E-book available through: Amazon (included in Kindle Unlimited Catalog)Chrissy Rollings has a mountain of troubles to overcome, one that would crush most other girls her age.

She was born in a small North Carolina town in 1952, into a poor but happy and loving family that always managed to scrape by each month… until the night her father died in a car crash, plunging the family into poverty.  Because North Carolina was among the states to practice eugenics – forced sterilization on thousands of people deemed “unfit” to reproduce, Chrissy’s mother is eventually forced to choose between having 14-year-old Chrissy sterilized or losing her welfare check.

It’s a decision that forever alters the lives of everyone in the family.

Creative Non-Fiction

Freak Show_v2_6x9_bleed Freak Show Without A Tent, Swimming with Piranhas, Getting Stoned in Fiji, and other Family Vacations, by Nevin Martell
ISBN-13: 978-0615889337
Paperback available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, through the Ingram & NACSCORP catalogs, and in the Washington DC area at Trohv.
E-book available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble,iBooks,Kobo and other major retailers

Fishing for piranhas in the Amazon, getting stoned at Fijian kava ceremonies, and witnessing the ancient ritual of land diving on Pentecost Island is the stuff of National Geographic cover stories – and Nevin Martell’s childhood vacations. His family’s globetrotting took them from the South Pacific to South America and many points nowhere in-between. 
Though their lifestyle choices were eccentric, the locations they visited exotic, and the people they met extraordinary, these escapades are firmly grounded in the trials, tribulations, and tribal rivalries that plague all families. Freak Show Without a Tent is a grandly hilarious memoir-misadventure that is equal parts National Lampoon’s Vacation, Romancing the Stone and Crocodile Dundee. 
Woven seamlessly into the stories of exploring the far side of the far side, near death experiences and gastronomical catastrophes is the story of a young boy coming of age, the evolving relationship between a father and son, and a family discovering its own boundaries. With the honesty and innocence that can only come through the eyes of youth, Martell reveals the symbiosis of interdependence and independence that exist deep within both rainforests and families. 
To paraphrase a family motto: buy the ticket, take the ride, and hope you survive, so that you can tell your therapist all about it.

sucker for love Sucker for Love, The Book: True Tales about Loves Found, Lost and Imagined, An Anthology
ISBN-13: 978-0615763590 Paperback available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in the Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs
E-book available through Amazon (included in Kindle Unlimited Program)

This anthology is assembled from stories originally told live on stage. All of the stories are true, autobiographical, and were originally performed without the use of notes.

AfterBirthCover_Final After Birth: Unconventional Writings from the Mommylands, by Jenny Fiore
ISBN-13: 978-0615770581
Paperback available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in the Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs
E-book available through Amazon, (included in Kindle Unlimited Catalog)

Author Jenny Fiore did not give birth to her baby in a sacred glacial lake. She failed in the art of cloth-diaper origami. And her placenta is not fertilizing a mango tree in her backyard—and not because she ate it. She does, however, dwell in the world where these things happen. Welcome to the Mommylands, where all mothers go in the years beyond the birthing suite. Through contemplative essays, tongue-in-cheek screenplay excerpts, and saucily imagined correspondence, Fiore shares her hilarious and poignant experiences as a freshly minted mother in today’s world of how-to manuals and helicopter parenting. This is life after birth.

BMM_COVER_073012 Bad Mommy Moments: Celebrating the Moments of New Motherhood that SUCK, by Cindy Kane
ISBN-13: 978-1938690280
E-book available on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

Bad Mommy Moments celebrates the days of new motherhood that SUCK. Because it’s often after our worst moments that we realize how lucky we are.

Using a humorous compilation of prose, poetry, photography, and graphics, blogger Cindy Kane tracks the two-year storm of new motherhood through the mind of a woman who struggled to adjust. That is, until she traded in her dreams of perfect parenting for finding ways to laugh. At herself. And in laughter, she found unexpected hope.

Instructional Non-Fiction

SME_small Sell More Easily: Tales from the Trenches Guaranteed to Make you More Money, by Howard Maslich
ISBN-13: 978-1477690338
Paperback available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in the Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs
E-book available through Amazon (included in Kindle Unlimited Catalog)

This book documents author, Howard Maslich’s path from transitioning from his role as a psychology professor, to becoming a top level salesman, and then a top earning sales trainer. He shares all of his missteps, foibles and embarrassing moments openly along side his successes in a way that makes it feel like you’re sharing stories over a beer. Howard’s goal with this book was to make sales principals accessible to every current or potential sales person, as well as non-sales people who find themselves occasionally in positions of negotiation, whether with a customer, a boss, or a spouse.

WorkbookCover The Sell More Easily Workbook & Self Study Guide, by Howard Maslich
ISBN-13: 978-0615852164
Paperback available through Amazon, and in the Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs
E-book available through: Amazon (included in Kindle Unlimited Catalog)

This book is a companion to Howard Maslich’s first book. The workbook and self-study guide will provide a place for readers to reflect on and practice the principles discussed in the first book, so that the theoretical concepts can start to become tangible and familiar before needing to be applied to real world scenarios. Sell More Easily: Tales from the Trenches Guaranteed to Make you More Money will stand alone – The Workbook is just meant as another tool to support readers in learning the Sell More Easily system. However, the Workbook will only make sense when used in combination with the first book.

YGW_small Your Genius Within: Understanding Sleep, Dreams and Learning Self-Hypnosis, by Victor Garlock, Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 978-1477698709
Paperback available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in the Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs
E-book available through Amazon, Barnes & NobleiBooks & Kobo

This book is about finding and empowering your genius within. and about he power of your inner mind to expand your understanding of yourself and the people around you. You will enter the worlds of hypnosis, sleep and dreams, where you will learn how much of your mental power remains unused and locked inside. You will learn about the fascinating history of hypnosis, including its early use as a life-saving form of anesthesia. You will find dramatic examples of the power of hypnosis and learn self-hypnotic techniques to improve your life. You will learn about the stages of sleep; a startling example of murderous sleepwalking; cases of sleepers who act out their dreams; people who get thrown into unconsciousness right in the middle of the day; and other examples of sleep gone awry.

Sexton_091710_cover Pacifiers Anonymous: How to Kick the Pacifier or Thumb Sucking Habit, By Sumi Sexton, MD, Ruby Natale Andrew, Ph.D, PsyD, and Liza Draper
ISBN-13: 978-0615898889
Paperback available through: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in the Ingram and NACSCORP catalogs
E-book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks & Kobo

Does your child have an obsession with the pacifier or thumb and crave it like you crave your morning coffee? If you are looking to make a clean break, this book will give you the solution. “Pacifiers Anonymous” is written by three moms whose full-time jobs are perfectly suited to this book: one is a medical doctor, one is a child psychologist, and one is a stay-at-home mom. The book takes a “from-the-trenches” approach with twelve easy steps to help your child kick the pacifier or thumb sucking habit for good.