Be A Reviewer

Are you a proud book nerd? Then you should be in our reviewer’s club!! 

Here’s how it works:
1. We send you a book (and maybe the occasional swag). You can request any book in our catalog at any time, but you can only request a title one time.  (Once you’ve filled out the application below, you’ll get a direct email address you can use for requests). We’ll only send out 15 print books a month, but there’s no limit on e-books.
2. You read the book and then share/post your review on your social media platforms, and any other platform you choose.
3. We will share your review with our audience if you want us to (for social media posts, just tag us in the post, or shoot us an email with a link to blogs or other review platforms).
4. After you’ve posted at least one review, you’ll be an official club member and you’ll get first dibs at reviewing pre-release books in the future (and more swag).

We are also open to offering additional books for giveaways on your blog and/or setting up interviews or guest blog posts with our authors, just include that in your book request.

Like any club, we’ve got some rules: 
1.  We want you to be 100% honest.  You do NOT have to only post positive reviews.  If you didn’t like a book, but don’t want to post a negative review, just shoot us an email and you’ll remain eligible to stay in the club.
2. You agree to share the review  in some public forum: ie. your social media platforms, blog, podcast, YouTube channel, Amazon, Good Reads, etc.
3. You should have an audience you’ll share the review with of at least 500 people – either on a single platform or across multiple platforms.
4. If you have a blog or a public social media account and you want us to share your review with our audience, make sure to tag us within the post or email us a link. If you want your review to stay private among your network, just send us a screen shot so we know you reviewed the book and you’ll stay eligible for future review copies.
5.  If you don’t post a review within 6 months of receiving a book (or let us know why you aren’t posting a review), you will be removed from the club.  No hard feelings, but we’re a small company and we can’t afford to send out books that sit on nightstands.
6. Please be respectful and polite.  It’s totally OK if you have criticism or even hated the book, but the review should still be respectful. No name-calling, no slurs or insults.
7. We only ship paperbacks within the continental US, but e-books are available to reviewers in any country.

For information about each book or author you can start here.

READY? Just fill out this form, and you’ll be contacted with your choices for your first book.