Meet Vijai Nathan – A Total Sucker. For Love.


Vijai Nathan contributed a hilarious tale of on-line dating to Sucker for Love, The Book. She didn’t hold back in her interview with us.

Which Sucker For Love show where you in? Was this your first storytelling show, or had you performed before, and if so where? 

I was in the first sucker for love show! I had already been performing stand-up for several years, and done a few Speakeasy open mics and Cat-headed baby.

How did it feel to revisit your story for this book? Did you have any challenges taking your story from the stage to the page?
The challenge was that things that “sound” funny when spoken, aren’t funny when written because you don’t have your vocal tone or facial expressions to back you up– so I had to make sure that writing conveyed the humor as much as possible.

How much, or in what ways, have your views on love, romance, or relationships changed since you first told this story?
I’m getting more selective in my online dating!

If you were going to send a Valentine’s Day card to SpeakeasyDC, what would it say?
“Take off your clothes & let’s make out”

What’s your best piece of romantic advice?
If a guy tells you he is a liar, then he is a liar– don’t think that because he is telling you the truth about being a liar, that he won’t lie to you.. get it? That sounds really bitter– but I don’t mean it that way.


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