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Fireworks of different colors over a night sky - Extra large sizeWelcome to the new Possibilities Blog! (Cue fireworks. Insert whistles and clapping here!)

Up until now, we’ve used the blog as a place to communicate information about author events and new releases or occasionally to share information about writing or news related to the world of publishing.

But starting today, with this very blog post, that’s all going to change. From now on, we’re going to serve up a weekly dose of interesting, entertaining, and useful information from a variety of authors.

PPCo’s newest managing partner and editor extraordinaire, Terri Huck, will write a post each month on the art of revision, how to edit your own work, how to work with professional editors, and other topics of interest to writers thinking about publishing their work.

Yours truly (PPCo CEO Meredith Maslich) will provide a monthly column on big-picture issues, trends, questions related to the world of publishing — such as my take on “the Amazon issue” — and interesting and noteworthy happenings at PPCo.

And we’re super, over-the-top thrilled to announce a monthly column by the one and only Jessica Lyons, Life Enthusiast + Coach. She will provide strategies and insights into topics that affect writers and other artists as they work to achieve their goals, including quieting your inner critic, creating action plans, overcoming fear, and so much more. We think this column will be a unique and useful tool for anyone who wants to achieve more in his or her daily life.

The fourth blog each month will be something of a grab bag of topics and writers — just to keep it interesting. Sometimes it will be tips about using social media to promote your writing. Sometimes it will be blogs written by our authors about their experiences writing, publishing, and marketing their books. Sometimes it will be information from experts in other relevant fields. It’s a wide-open slot so you never know what will show up.

Our goal is to use the Possibilities Blog to provide information and resources to support writers, whether you wish to self-publish, publish with us, or publish with another company — or have no plans to publish at all but just like being part of the writing and publishing community. We hope the posts will be informative, helpful, and entertaining and that they will give us jumping-off points for conversations on topics related to the rapidly changing world of publishing.

So we’ll see you back here one week from today when we’ll hit you with the first offering by Jessica Lyons on overcoming fear. It Will Blow. Your. Mind. I recommend reading it first thing in the morning so it can power you through your day.

Meredith Maslich is president and CEO of Possibilities Publishing Company. She is also on the faculty at SpeakeasyDC, where she has been teaching the art of storytelling for more than six years.

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