Meet Jessica Piscitelli Robinson – A Winner at the Game of Love


Jessica Piscitelli Robinson’s contribution to Sucker for Love, The Book. offers an unflinching look at dating after 30. She’s just as open in her interview with us.  

Which Sucker For Love show where you in? Was this your first storytelling show, or had you performed before, and if so where?

2011 – not sure if that was the 2nd one or not.  I had performed before with SpeakeasyDC. My first performance was March 2007.

How did it feel to revisit your story for this book? Did you have any challenges taking your story from the stage to the page?

Partly because it’s been a while since the story took place, I had a little trouble remembering some of the details needed to flesh certain scenes out. In general, that was the biggest challenge. Developing everything more than is necessary for a story someone would just listen to.

How much, or in what ways, have your views on love, romance, or relationships changed since you first told this story?

They haven’t changed all that much since I told the story, though they changed a lot since I lived the story.  I found a nice boy to settle down with, which is a bit different from happened in my story.

If you were going to send a Valentine’s Day card to SpeakeasyDC, what would it say?

Practice safe love

What’s your best piece of romantic advice?

Make sure you are staying with the person you are with for the right reasons, and not just because it’s convenient.

Jessica Piscitelli is the Founder of Better Said Than Done, Virginia’s premiere storytelling troupe, recently voted “Best Performance Act in Virginia” by Virginia Living Magazine.  Jessica performed her first story on the SpeakeasyDC stage in 2007 and has been addicted ever since – performing stories for SpeakeasyDC, Fan-Freaking-Tastic, TEDx, SWAN Day, Tales in the Village, and McLean Bible Church, and at such venues as Jammin’ Java, Epicure Café, Franklin Park Performing Arts Center, Town DanceBoutique, and Dance Place.  Jessica has been a regular commentator on Metro Connection, on WAMU. When she’s not writing or storytelling, Jessica runs Capture Video, Inc, a corporate video production company.

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