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28 - Cindy Kane (2)PPCo: Your book focuses on the bad mommy moments and the days of new motherhood that suck. But what is your BEST mommy moment?
Cindy: [sound of crickets]

PPCo: Ok…moving on. You’re pretty open both in your book and on your blog about your mistakes and embarrassing moments, but was there ever a moment so embarrassing that you couldn’t bring yourself to write about it?
Cindy: Yes! But I can’t tell you about them until I’ve lost all power to mortify my kids. Once we entered elementary school a whole new world of mistakes and humiliation opened up to us. I’ve said and done things that I long to share because they’re so embarrassingly funny, but I’ve restrained myself because the stories now also include classmates, teachers, and other people in my daughter’s school who could recognize themselves in my stories if they ever found my blog. And my girls are growing past the easy stuff – so a lot of what they’re experiencing would make them hate me if I blabbed. So instead I write little post-it notes so I don’t forget. Maybe someday I’ll get to share them, if they don’t find them first…

PPCo: If you could write a book on any topic, in any genre or form, without any concerns about marketability, what would it be?
Cindy: If this hypothetical also included an artist, I’d definitely want to collaborate on some of the children’s book manuscripts I’ve written over the years. There’s something magical about stepping into colorful worlds of picture books. I have post-it notes waiting in the wings for these, too.

PPCo: Do you have a new creative project lined up now that Bad Mommy Moments has been released?
Cindy: I’ve started a Mom’s Night Out project which is a combination reading/ storytelling/ open mic for local moms to share their bad mommy moments. I was fortunate to land a fantastic venue for the first event last weekend in New Jersey (The Anchor Salon), and teamed up with many artists and local businesses. The sponsors donated items to give away to the moms, and in turn sold their art and promoted their businesses during the evening. It was such a fun night. Laughter, stories, chocolate, art, and new friends. It was everything I hoped it would be. We’re currently planning another one in Jersey later this summer and possibly one in Virginia as well. If anyone wants a Bad Mommy Moments event in their town we’re up for traveling!

PPCo: Whats the most unexpected or exciting thing to happen to you since publishing your book?
Cindy: I realized while trying to rope some moms into the open mic that I’d accidentally found what I’d love to spend the rest of my life doing. Sharing my written stories about motherhood on a stage with other moms. Some on stage with me, some in the audience, and some selling their art and promoting their businesses. All of us laughing and supporting each other because motherhood – especially for new moms – can be an overwhelming shock to the system. Events like these will give all moms (and brave dads – we had some come out last week) the chance to hear live stories by other people going through the same thing, and feel surrounded by understanding and humor. I’m pretty convinced that laughing through motherhood is the best way to get through it with a shred of sanity. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

PPCo: What was the most helpful and the least helpful baby/child rearing books you’ve read?
Cindy: The only motherhood-type book I’ve ever read from start to finish is Jenny Fiore’s After Birth. And I loved it. I can’t tell you how much I wish I’d had this book at the start of my mothering career. But since it wasn’t around yet, I gained my insight from the stories of other moms (especially my own), the Bible, and all of the Ramona books. Because let’s be honest, it’s hard to be a good mom if you can’t see things through the eyes of your child. And no one reminds you how to do that like Beverly Cleary. Except maybe your kids. But it’s hard to believe them sometimes. (I’m sure mine have post-it notes on my short-comings waiting for me as well.)

 Learn more about Cindy here, including where to buy her book.


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