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Chris Love is one of the authors in Sucker for Love, The Book, I mean, his name basically required it. Luckily he’s also a great storyteller. Check out his interview below to learn more about Mr. Love.

Which Sucker For Love show where you in? Was this your first storytelling show, or had you performed before, and if so where?

2011 Valentine’s Show at Dance Place. Not that I feel like it, but I guess I’m a bit of a Speakeasy veteran.

How did it feel to revisit your story for this book?

This story stings. It’s unsettling to end a story without a sense of hope,but I had to stay true to the 19-year-old me.

Did you have any challenges taking your story from the stage to the page?

I usually get the feedback when I’m practicing for a performance that it sounds like I’m doing a reading. So I pretty much just changed the verb tense from what I had originally written and performed.

How much, or in what ways, have your views on love, romance, or relationships changed since you first told this story?

When I first told this story, I was single, floundering a bit in the love department, and got a little too wrapped up in the past. Now that I’m with my guy, it’s much easier to look back on this story with perspective.

If you were going to send a Valentine’s Day card to SpeakeasyDC, what would it say?   

Bugs eat Speakeasy.
They chew it up all the way.
Bugs ate the stories.

What’s your best piece of romantic advice?

Always trust your instincts; except when they’re dead wrong.

Christopher Love has appeared in several SpeakeasyDC shows, including the original Showcase Showdown, Intersections Festival, and the Pride Showcase. He was part of the winning SpeakeasyDC team at the 2010 Intercity Story Slam in Philly and was honored to collaborate with Meridian Hill Pictures for a winning entry, “The Donor”, in The 2012 SpeakeasyShorts Film Competition. He has always thought his name a cruel irony … until recently. Thanks, Eric.

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