It’s Our Birthday!

Possibilities Publishing Company is two years old this month! Technically, our birthday is Sept. 17, but we’re celebrating for four straight weeks! And by celebrating we mostly mean giving presents to all of YOU — because we wouldn’t be here if not for our newsletter subscribers, social media followers, fans of our authors, and of course, readers of our books.

So to say thank you, we’re offering discounts and giveaways for the next four weeks.

Discounts on Kindle books!

  • Our first discount opportunity is already underway. The novel “Unfit” is part of a Kindle Countdown Deal, which means the Kindle version started at $.99 on Sept. 17, and then after a day or so, the price went up to $1.99, then a few days later it went up to $2.99, and then it reverts to its normal price of $4.99 on the afternoon of Wednesday Sept 24. This is an impulse-rewarding discount program that Amazon developed. So don’t think, just click, or next time you look, the price might have gone up!
  • As soon as UNFIT’s Countdown deal is over, one will start for “After Birth“, followed by “Sell More Easily” and finally “Sucker for Love.” We’ll announce the sale prices on Facebook and Twitter so keep an eye on those sites for the latest news.

Free Books!

  • Win a copy of “Freak Show Without a Tent” through Goodreads. The contest starts at midnight on Sept. 19 and ends at midnight on Oct. 3.

    FS Books

    Freak Show Book Release Party – June 2014

  • From Oct. 1 to Oct. 17, we’ll be running random contests on social media where you can win free books — but you have to watch Facebook, Twitter, and your inbox (if you aren’t on the mailing list, sign up now!) to know when the contests are happening and what the rules are.

Looking Back…
No question about it, the last two years have been a whirlwind. We published 10 books, all but one in both digital and paperback. We went through normal start-up growing pains of getting our footing and defining our company’s personality and values.

We had plenty of noteworthy moments though. I’m proud to say that by the end of our second year, we have donated almost $1,000 to various charities through sponsorships or a percentage of book revenue through partner sales. Last year, we published a cookbook on behalf of an individual who wanted to raise money for Action Against Hunger, and we look forward to doing more projects like that in the future.

Author PJ Devlin as part of a Fall for the Book Panel

We also participated in Fall for the Book two years in a row, drawing large and engaged workshop attendees. Fall for the Book has definitely a favorite annual event for us!

…And Looking Forward
Many small businesses, and particularly indie publishers, don’t make it past the first two years of business, which is why this is such an exciting milestone for us. The next major milestone will be our fifth birthday, and we’re already making plans for that celebration. (Think giant bounce house!). In year three, we’re focusing on continuing our growth pattern with fewer but bigger releases, building more partnerships and community relationships, and constantly innovating around the challenges and opportunities that come with being an indie publisher.

To that end, we’ve got some exciting changes and partnerships to announce:

  • We’re super thrilled to welcome Joanne McAlpine to our team as our director of social media marketing! She’s actually been an essential part of the team for several months, we’re just finally officially giving her the title she deserves. Joanne has transformed PPCo’s social media presence and helped exponentially expand our reach to new readers and publicity outlets.
  • We’re also excited that Terri Huck, who has worked as an editor for PPCo for the past year, is now a managing partner! In this expanded role, Terri will bring new energy and brain power to steering the company and share in the workload. Among other things, that means we will be able to read and respond to manuscript submissions much more quickly — and get good books out to readers that much faster.
  • And we’re excited about an innovative partnership with life coach Jessica Lyons. Jessica will be creating resources aimed at helping writers be as successful as possible — whether they are working with PPCo or not. We will be launching this program over the next few months, so keep an eye out! As with everything, we’ll announce the new resources via social media and the newsletter.

These changes are just the beginning. Who knows what’s going to happen in the second half of our third year?!

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