Fee Based Services

While we do not charge any upfront fees we do offer some options for services to support writers.

You are under NO obligation to use any of these services if you want to be published by us. You are welcome to secure your own editors, design your own covers and graphics and find your own ghost writers. We’re just trying to be helpful.


It is essential to have your book professionally edited, not just at the end for grammar and typos, but it’s also important to get a professional opinion and unbiased reaction to the book as a whole. A good editor will point out weak spots, inconsistencies or overall problems that could hinder your book’s success. This is true for fiction or non-fiction. Learn about our freelance editors here, and contact us if you’d like more information about working with one of them.

Ghost Writing:
We work with a broad network of talented ghost writers who can help you get your thoughts down onto paper – and out into the world! We can provide ghost writing services for any category or genre of non-fiction or fiction work.