Do YOU have what it takes to be a Possibilities Publishing Company author?

We’re not your average small publisher. We sometimes do things a little differently. And sometimes we do them the same.
But one thing we’ve learned is that not every author is a fit, but the ones who ARE a fit? We make magic together.

The 2017 Anthology Contest is  now CLOSED!  Thank you to everyone who submitted! We’re going to be reading and evaluating the stories over the next 6 weeks (or so), and we’ll be contacting everyone in early September. 

The theme this year was Turning Points, Stories about Choice and Change. The final book will be released in October. 

See our 2015 Anthology and our 2016 Anthology on Amazon.

*As of January 2017, we are primarily accepting commercial fiction submissions, with preference to chic-lit, romance (not erotica), and  character rich  novels (think classic beach reading material). However, if you think you’re a good fit for us as an author, and your manuscript doesn’t fit the above categories, feel free to submit it anyway, and we’ll take a look. *

**If you are a children’s book author, we are launching a children’s imprint in Summer 2017, called Thumbkin Prints. Check back here, or watch our social media for more information.

Step 1. Take this quiz as a first step to seeing if you’re a fit: 

  1. Are you are a serious writer with a serious commitment to the writing, editing, and marketing process?
  2. Do you want a collaborative experience with your publisher?
  3. Are you willing to invest at least as much time in marketing your book, as you invested in writing it?
  4.  Have you enlisted, or are you planning to enlist, the help of a professional editor?
  5. Do you understand that to sell books today every author — regardless of publisher, genre, or generation — MUST be actively engaged in marketing the book?
  6. Are you familiar with social media and/or willing to be an active part of social media to build your audience and promote your book?
  7. Are you comfortable living in the space beside traditional publishing where anything is possible?

Bonus Points:

  1. Have you already established an audience for your book through a blog, other creative projects, past books, or an engaging social media presence?
  2. Do you have resources or connections that could help you promote your book (notable names for dust jacket blurbs, media contacts, etc.)?

If you answered yes to 7 or more questions (including the bonus ones), then you might be a good fit for Possibilities Publishing Company!

Step 2:  Click here to learn more  about what types of book we publish, and find our submission form.