Holiday Recovery Sale

Today is the first Monday of 2014. And at least for me, it feels like the real beginning of the new year – no more days off of work, no more holiday parties, no more excuses for eating cookies and drinking mimosas all day. It’s both invigorating and depressing. And I’m not even another-mondaygoing to get into my internal struggle between a desire to buy myself stuff after a month of only mostly buying for other people, and never wanting to touch my credit card again.

I like to believe I’m not alone in these feelings.

So I’ve put all of our Kindle e-books on sale for $.99 for the entirety of this week. Treat yourself to a book, or surprise someone with a Happy New Year present. Or just stock up your Kindle library. For some of our books, the $.99 sale is a huge savings – specifically Unfit: A Novel which is normally $8.99. You’re not likely to find a sale on this book again for a very long time.

Check out our entire catalog here, and get links to the Kindle versions, and hope this provides some small measure of cheer into this first Monday of 2014.


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