Gift Ideas for Under $15!


(you probably saw that coming, right? )

For fans of gripping novels with strong female main characters: Wissahickon Souls, Unfit, and Becoming Jonika 

For readers of romance or classic chic-lit, we recommend: The Plan, The Pursuit, or A Hundred Weddings

If someone on your list is a fan of short stories, memoirs or anthologies (or just books build around themes!) take a look at: Wishes, Sins and the Wissahickon Creek, Trick or Treat, Besties, Bromances and SoulmatesSucker for Love, or Freak Show Without a Tent. 

Do you have any executives, sales people or someone just interested in learning or self-improvement? Check out these options: Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail, Sell More Easily, or Your Genius Within.

Bonus recommendation: for fans of speculative fiction/fantasy/urban fantasy, check out  Caged, by J.P. Robinson. We don’t publish this genre, so we’re happy to provide a recommendation outside of our catalog.


The life of a writer is not for weaklings. So we’ve developed a line of products to support the writing lifestyle with a mix of encouragement and real talk motivation – or Sparkle&Snark as we call it ;-).
Visit our NEW Sparkle&Snark website to find unique gift ideas for the writers in your life!
Our Top Picks: 
This downloadable e-course on navigating the jump from writing to publishing (currently on sale!)
This refreshing and re-invigorating tea, particularly good for fortifying you through the revision process.
This unique coloring book, for those times when you need to step away from the computer and clear your mind.

See you in 2017! Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!! 

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