Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is the recipient of 80% of the profits from the cookbook A Taste of Home: From Our Kitchens to the World. A Taste of Home is unique from our other fundraising recipients because the project did not originate with the non-profit. But instead the creators of the cookbook conceived of the project then picked a non-profit to be the A Taste of Home coverbeneficiary. And what a great partnership – a cookbook and an organization fighting global hunger!

This cookbook features 18 recipes contributed by foreign residents of Japan. The primary difference between the recipes in this book and, say, the vast number of equivalent recipes on the internet is that the contributors have already done the hard work for you. These recipes have been tweaked to be delicious given the limitations of availability with some ingredients in Japan. If a particular ingredient is difficult to find in rural Japan, the contributors offer suggestions on where to buy and, if necessary, tried and tested substitutions.

Each dish is only fifty percent of the story. The chef is the other half. Not only will you get a delicious meal, you’ll also become acquainted with each contributor as they introduce their dishes and give you a bit of background for each recipe.These recipes will be what the title suggests: meals that taste like home, and home is different for everyone. Reading through this book should be similar to attending a potluck event.

A Taste of Home is available exclusively as a Kindle E-book.