From Writer to Author: Clarity is Power

by Jessica Leigh Lyons

Mandella quoteA story. About a visionary.

Let’s call her Sandy. Sandy started writing at age six. She knew she wanted to be published someday, and her imagination created stories of lands unknown. She grew up. She graduated from college and began working at a well-known international agency. One day on her way home from work, she got an incredible idea for a story. She started writing immediately, enthused by the influx of ideas and the characters that were developing. Shortly after she got this idea, her mother passed away.

Sandy was in shock about losing her mother. Her novel was put on hold for awhile. She fell in love, married, had a baby, and then got a divorce. She went on public assistance — and she started writing again in coffee shops and cafes while her baby napped.

Seven years and 12 publisher rejections later, a small publishing company printed 500 copies of her book. Within three days, Scholastic purchased the rights, and her book shot to #16 on the New York Times best seller list in three months.

Psssst. Sandy is actually J.K. Rowling.

When we don’t have clear visions for ourselves, our lives, and our dreams, we are mucking up the pond. Nobody likes to swim in muddy water. But when we are crystal clear on what we want and why we want it, we know what our next actions are and who to enlist in supporting our dreams.

A while ago, I wrote about how to distinguish your YES! and when to say no. That becomes WAY easier when we are clear on our vision of our lives + what we desire.

Knowing what you want (and how you see it) is critical when you move from writer to author — and it is the only way you can get where you want to go.

Passion for what you do is the action to keep going when the going is challenging. Vision “pulls you forward,” as Steve Jobs said.

That’s why Possibilities Publishing Company and I are partnering to create a program devoted to helping writers discover — and then achieve — their visions for their lives as authors. We will launch the program in a couple weeks, but in the meantime, we’re offering you a funsheet to help you get clear on YOUR vision as an author so you can start writing your dreams into reality.

So download our funsheet and take a crack at answering the questions! Then keep an eye out for our big announcement on this awesome new program.

Tell us what YOU declared in your vision! I’m on Facebook, Twitter-ish, and Instagram.

Jessica Leigh Lyons is a life coach who works with women to help them create a life of joy. She is also a Desire Map facilitator helping women (and some awesome dudes) discover their Core Desired Feelings. Find out more at


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