Free Downloads and New Releases

by Meredith Maslich

FSFreeAdFebruary is a short month, but we’ve got A LOT of things going on, so I decided I’d use my turn at the blog to do a general update and make sure you all know what’s going on.

First, we have some free Kindle downloads coming up:

  • On February 11 & 12, you can get ready for Valentine’s Day with a free kindle download of “Sucker For Love” — an anthology of true stories about loves found, lost and imagined.
  • On Friday the 13th, you can get lucky with a free download of “Freak Show Without a Tent” — a hilarious and moving memoir by Nevin Martell that is equal parts “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” “Romancing the Stone,” and “Crocodile Dundee.”
  • On February 20 & 27, you can get a free download of “Wissahickon Souls” — a novel set in early 19th-century Philadelphia and Haiti. If you like to get swept away into another world by your books, then you’ll love “Wissahickon Souls.”

Of course, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, all three of these Kindle books are free to you at any time!

Through February 23, you can also enter to win one of four copies of “Wissahickon Souls” through Goodreads.

We’re also spending a lot of this month working on our next three releases:

  • We’re finishing the layout and doing final proofs on J.B. Lawrence’s debut novel “Last Flight Home,” our first foray into the fantasy genre. “Last Flight Home” will be available this spring.
  • We’re also working with PJ Devlin, author of “Wissahickon Souls,” on her upcoming young-adult novel “Becoming Jonika.” We’re exploring cover art and book trailer concepts while PJ works on editing the manuscript. “Becoming Jonika” will be on sale by late summer or early fall 2015.
  • And last but not least, we’re finalizing a deal to publish a four-part romance series based in Washington, DC — called the Capitol Love Series. The first book, “The Plan,” will be available by Christmas 2015.

When we’re not working on those projects, we’re thinking of ways to provide interesting and helpful information on our blog, which is why we’re starting an occasional “Ask the Expert” series. We will conduct interviews with professionals in fields related to writing, publishing, and marketing yourself or your books. So if you have a question and you’d like us to find an expert to answer it or if you know someone who is an expert in any of those fields, let us know!

You can email us, leave a message on our Facebook page, or tweet it at us, and we’ll get right on it!

Meredith Maslich is president and CEO of Possibilities Publishing Company. She is also on the faculty at SpeakeasyDC, where she has been teaching the art of storytelling for more than six years.

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