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About Unfit:
Chrissy Rollings has a mountain of troubles to overcome, one that would crush most other girls her age.

She was born in a small North Carolina town in 1952, into a poor but happy and loving family that always managed to scrape by each month… until the night her father died in a car crash, plunging the family into poverty.  Because North Carolina was among the states to practice eugenics – forced sterilization on thousands of people deemed “unfit” to reproduce, Chrissy’s mother is eventually forced to choose between having 14-year-old Chrissy sterilized or losing her welfare check.

It’s a decision that forever alters the lives of everyone in the family forever.

Early Reviews of Unfit:
“Lara has written an unforgettable book based on the stories of real North Carolinians who were judged “unfit” and forcibly sterilized during the decades that the NC Eugenics Program was enforced. … This novel should be read by anyone interested in learning more about forced sterilization, the effects of violence and abuse in the home, and the consequences of unchecked government power.”–Elizabeth Gibbons, MD, UNC Physicians Network

“[Unfit is]…Compelling. I found it easy to sympathize with Chrissy and to root for her throughout the story;…[the] grief and agony are balanced with beautiful things like love and friendship, and…the story is a hopeful one. –Brigid Gorry-Hines, Goodreads librarian and reviewer

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