Bundles of Books

kindle-stack-booksThanks to a new program at Amazon, you can now bundle e-books with hard copy books for a discount. If you’ve already bought the hard copy version of a book, in most cases, you can now buy the digital version at a lower price than if you just bought the e-book.

We’re very excited to participate in this program here at PPCo, because we love the idea of giving readers more options to accessing and enjoying our books.

Here’s what you can expect from the PPCo catalog if you have the paperback already:

Sucker for Love: e-book is only $.99.

After Birth: e-book is only $1.99

Pacifiers Anonymous: e-book is only $.99

Your Genius Within: e-book is only $1.99

Sell More Easily: e-book is only $.99

Sell More Easily, the Workbook: e-book is FREE.

Bad Mommy Moments: e-book is $.99

So whether you sometimes miss the feel of a real book but want the ease of having it at your finger tips in your electronic devices, now you can do both for less!

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