Besties, Bromances & Soulmates: First-Degree Story Fodder

by Meredith Maslich

They’re the central relationships in our lives. Whether for decades or days, they make all the difference, don’t they? I’m talking about our BFFs, whether they are friends, romantic partners, family members, or might-as-well-be-family members, they are the people who are the pivot points in our lives or in our characters’ lives. websiteimage1

Thelma & Louise
Lorelai & Rory Gilmore
Ross & Rachel
Turner & Hooch

All are epic stories filled with love, tension, humor, adventure, desire, loss — all core elements of the human experience. They wouldn’t deserve the title of bestie if they didn’t support our crazy ideas or evoke intense emotion or give us a reason to push beyond our limits. Or laugh until we pee.

Which is why this is the theme for our 2016 anthology contest.

We are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting submissions for “Besties, Bromances & Soulmates: Stories About Pivotal Relationships. Fiction,” non-fiction, and everything in between are acceptable, but check out the official page for submission details and tips about what kind of submissions we tend to favor.

You can also check out the results of our 2015 anthology contest: “Trick or Treat: A Collection of Spooky Stories,” to get a sense of what we’re going for.    

So get writing and send in your submissions! And share this contest with all your writing besties. Or just people you kind of know through Facebook who are also writers. Whatever.

Meredith Maslich is president and CEO of Possibilities Publishing Company. She is also on the faculty at Story District (formerly SpeakeasyDC), where she has been teaching the art of storytelling for more than eight years.




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