Samantha Powers

Samantha Powers lived in the Washington, D.C., area for several years and worked in various corporate and nonprofit jobs while writing in her spare time. She now lives in Vermont, where she can indulge her passion for walks in the woods, writing full time, and maple-flavored everything. She also loves animals, reality TV, and cupcakes.

The first book of The Capitol Love Series — The Plan — was released in December 2015, the second book in the series – The Pursuit – will be released in May 2016, and she is already hard at work on the third book, scheduled for release by December 2016.

Her short story “Portrait of a Lover” appears in the “Trick or Treat!” anthology published in October 2015. Buy Now

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About The Plan (Book 1):

Savannah George has a plan for her life. It covers every detail, from where she lives (Washington, D.C.) to where she works (nonprofit) to whom she’ll marry (future senator). Everything is perfectly in sync — until she meets the sexy bartender with the rock-hard body, easy smile, and blue eyes she could get lost in for days.

Colin Allison has never had to beg or manipulate a woman to spend time with him. In fact, he usually has more attention than he knows what to do with — until he meets Savannah, who refuses to acknowledge their chemistry because she thinks he’s “just a bartender.” Suddenly Colin finds himself in uncharted territory as he tries to convince Savannah that her plan needs to be rewritten. He just has to make her fall for him before she discovers the truth about him.

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About The Pursuit (Book 2):

the-pursuit Front cover FINALRayne Michael has built her life around stability. After a vagabond upbringing, she has carefully built a predictable and satisfying life between her Washington, D.C., neighborhood of Capitol Hill and her job at a small conservation group. But when her organization’s survival is threatened, her only option is to hatch a plan to save it with a charming, sexy, and totally unreliable man she can’t seem to stay away from.

Chase Allison is a freelance nature photographer whose work takes him around the world on a moment’s notice, which suits him just fine – especially when he wants to shake loose from a relationship. Which he generally does after a few weeks of fun. Yet he is strangely captivated by Rayne and the passion that lurks behind her smoky gray eyes, but can his attraction compete with the allure of the open road?

And can Rayne find a way to balance her need for stability with her need to be with free-spirited Chase?


About The Sweet Spot (Book 3) :

Crystal McAlister’s bakery, Sweet Happens, has taken over her life. But in order to expand and hire staff, she has to overcome her technophobia and bring her business into the twenty-first century. Considering she can barely work her  smart phone, this could be a deal breaker – until the super sexy computer nerd shows up at her bakery.

When Kyle Richardson relocated to Washington, D.C., his only goal was to work as the IT director of a non-profit while putting his life back together. Getting involved with a beautiful, chaotic, artistic baker was definitely not part of the plan.

Kyle could hold the key to Crystal’s future, as long as his past doesn’t catch up with them and ruin everything.

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