J.B. Lawrence

J.B. Lawrence

J.B. Lawrence

JB Lawrence is an earth based fiction author with an MA in writing from the University of Baltimore. His latest publication is a full-length fantasy adventure titled Last Flight Home. He has also published a novella titled Bee Man. When not writing, or talking about his writing, JB spends his time building furniture, and trying to discover all the best beer bars and restaurants near him.

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The falcon-worshipping Austringers have been living just fine in their secluded world atop some pretty tall cliffs on a planet called Axis Solan. LastFlightHome-Cover_FINALHowever, the planet is dying, and time is short for the last warrior prince to get home and warn the king of a treasonous plot and an imminent attack from their displaced northern enemy.

But old horrors haunt the prince’s path, and unlikely heroes prove themselves worthy of a king’s gratitude.

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