Howard Maslich

Howard Maslich is the president and founder of Specialized Training Services, which was founded in 1976. Howard is a former psychology professor and has personally trained and coached more than 10,000 professional sales people. Clients have obtained measurable revenue increases after participating in one of Howard’s sales training programs.Specialized Training Services is a consulting and training firm specializing in sales and management productivity and effectiveness.

He’s also the father of the CEO of Possibilities Publishing. His was the first book we published and the inspiration for starting the company.

His first book, Sell More Easily: Tales From The Trenches Guaranteed to Make YouSME_small More Money, documents his path from transitioning from his role as a psychology professor, to becoming a top level salesman, and then a top earning sales trainer. He shares all of his missteps, foibles and embarrassing moments openly along side his successes in a way that makes it feel like you’re sharing stories over a beer. Howard’s goal with this book was to make sales principals accessible to every current or potential sales person, as well as non-sales people who find themselves occasionally in positions of negotiation, whether with a customer, a boss, or a spouse.

His second book, Sell More Easily: Workbook and Self-Study Guide, WorkbookCoveris a companion to his first book. The workbook and self-study guide will provide a place for readers to reflect on and practice the principles discussed in the first book, so that the theoretical concepts can start to become tangible and familiar before needing to be applied to real world scenarios. Sell More Easily: Tales from the Trenches Guaranteed to Make you More Money will stand alone – The Workbook is just meant as another tool to support readers in learning the Sell More Easily system. However, the Workbook will only make sense when used in combination with the first book.






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