Author Spotlight: Sumi Sexton

Every month we’re going to put the spotlight on one of our authors and go “beyond the cover” and find out more about them, their process, and their goals.

This month the focus is on Sumi Sexton, one of the authors of Pacifiers Anonymous.

Possibilities Publishing (PPCo): Did you enjoy writing this book?

Sumi Sexton (SS): I very much enjoyed the process, because it’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart. At the time I started writing it, I just finished getting rid of my second child’s pacifier. So the memories were still fresh! Additionally, from the science perspective, I really was curious about what research had been done on the pacifier and thumb to date. I was sick of reading rumors from other parents and wanted as close to hard fact as I could find.

PPCo: How long did it take you to finish the book, from the moment you had the idea until the moment it went into print as a paperback book?

SS: The moment I had the idea was in 2005 when I started fretting that my first daughter was still using her pacifier after age 1. I was fine with her using it longer, but wanted to get a plan together for how we would stop. I was looking for a resource to help me and didn’t find what I needed. I didn’t get started on the book till daughter #2 was in the throes of addiction in 2007 and then we finally finished it in 2010.

PPCo: What’s the most surprising/interesting thing that has happened to you since publishing the book?

SS: I think the coolest thing was getting the chance to talk about the book on Fox News.

PPCo: Do you think you’d write another book? If yes, what kind? If no, why not?

SS: Initially, we talked about writing a series. “Bottles Anonymous,” “Diapers Anonymous” “Wining Anonymous”, but we are still working on some research related to the pacifier. I’d love to write something else, maybe a book about raising daughters, but I will wait to see how they turn out first J

PPCo:  In the opening of the book you talk about all the reasons why you wanted to write this particular book in this particular way. Now that it’s been published for a few years in hardcopy and a few months as an ebook, do you have a sense of whether your book has accomplished what you wanted it to?

SS: I don’t think I’d change anything. I like to provide background on a topic and then provide options, and then I think its important for parents to figure out what is best for them. Some readers are looking for a “do this” or “this is the best”, but I am a firm believer that every parent and child is unique and you have to find the best approach for you. This book is to enable you and inform you of all the things that have been studied and have worked so that you can find that perfect approach.

Learn more about Pacifiers Anonymous, or order a copy Here.

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