Author Spotlight: Howard Maslich

This month we sat down with Howard Maslich, author of Sell More Easily: Tales from the Trenches Guaranteed to Make You More Money, to talk about his upcoming book Sell More Easily: Workbook and Self-Study Guide.

Possibilities Publishing Company (PPCo): Where/when did you first get the idea to write this book? Did you enjoy the writing process?

Howard: My first book, Sell More Easily contained mostly my theory of selling. This Workbook is more about the application of the theory. So instead of writing a book about a selling strategy with an example or two, in the Workbook I review the strategy and then provide exercises  and reflection opportunities that will help the reader understand and apply those strategies in their selling world.

I did enjoy putting the workbook together very much because I know how much it will help to bring home the concepts for anyone who works through them. And I enjoyed creating exercises that would help bring the concepts to life.

PPCo: How long did it take you to finish the book, from the moment you had the idea until the moment it was available for purchase?

Howard: For the workbook about 6 months from idea to finished product. The first book took a lot longer because not only did I have to deconstruct my selling theory – which had become so ingrained it was like breathing – but also because there was more to getting a book published than I realized.

PPCo: What’s the most surprising/interesting thing that has happened to you since becoming a published author?

Howard: After Sell More Easily was published the most surprising thing, and perhaps it shouldn’t be, was all the positive feedback and reviews it generated. The most surprising was going into a sales training session with one of my clients and meeting a new saleswoman who had just started that day and realizing she already knew a lot about the sales training principles. When I asked her if she was ever in one of my sales training coursed she replied “No, but I read your book.” Even more surprising at the end of the class she asked me to sign the book and told me I was the first real live author she ever met!

PPCo: Do you think you’d write another book?

Howard: Yes, I want to write a book that combines selling, negotiating and psychological/philosophical principles in one book, on a deeper and perhaps more theoretical level than I got into in my first book.

PPCo: What are your goals for the book?

At a minimum, I want everyone who bought the first book to buy this one and work through all the exercises. Those folks who haven’t bought the first book should consider buying both together. It really is a very economical way to get some excellent sales training that will help anyone make more money.

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