Auditory Writing Inspiration

Sometimes when I’m writing, I want silence. Sometimes I want classical music without lyrics to distract me from the words in my head. Sometimes I need to create a mood for what needs to be written. That’s when I turn to playlists. I find the right playlist can trigger those creative juices in way other stimulus can’t.

So Possibilities Publishing is on Rdio, to share our playlists. I’m adding new playlists, and changing the existing ones all the time as I discover new songs or fine tune the vibe of the playlist.  And I hope you’ll contribute as well! Either leave your favorite songs to write by in the comments, or better yet, follow us on Rdio and add to the playlists.


Today, my favorite playlist is the Writing Break list, because sometimes, the best way to support the creative process is to take a dance break and just get away from the computer for a while. This is what I’m grooving to at the moment, let me know what you think!


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