Writing Tips from the Masters

Even the best writers still have room to grow. At least as far I’m concerned. I mean, I guess its possible that JK Rowling, or John Grisham don’t want advice from other writers.    But I’d be willing to bet a pint of butter beer that they do.

Anyway, check out these Writing Tips from some super famous writers.

If an aspiring author were to ask YOU for advice, what would you tell them?

If it were me, I’d say get a day job. Because while for many of us, writing is a compulsion, money is nice, debt is a bummer, “suffering for your art” is highly over-rated, and even a hugely popular best-seller isn’t going to make you rich.

So find a day job that you don’t hate, or can at least tolerate without aid of mood stabilizing medications, and write in your free time until you have enough of a cushion, or enough of an income from published books to make a jump to being a full time writer.

But that’s just me. What would you say?

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