Are You a Sucker for Love…or For a Bargain?

Sucker for LoveEither way, you’ll like what you’re about to hear: The book Sucker For Love: True Tales of Loves Found, Lost and Imagined, is going to be available as a Kindle Download on February 14th for only $.99!

Sucker for Love is a product of our non-profit fundraising program, and benefits SpeakeasyDC – a non-profit arts organization based in Washington, DC devoted to excellence, innovation and authenticity in contemporary, autobiographical story performance.

All of the stories in this book were originally performed live on-stage with no notes or props of any kind. The storytellers then graciously agreed to donate their time to rewrite their stories to adapt them from the stage to the page.

Sucker for Love is a perfect option if you’re looking for a unique (or just calorie free!) Valentine’s Day treat. The ten stories cover a range of romantic themes, from new love, to unrequited love, to hilariously bad dates, but all are told with the mix of humor, honesty and emotion that makes true, first person storytelling so powerful.

But don’t just take my word for it, look at what Amazon reviewers had to say: “This book is funny, touching, and full of honesty. I loved the conversational tone of the stories, and felt like the authors were speaking directly to me.” 

“…the world of storytelling is what makes this book unique. Each of the ten stories is true and personal. The authors are writing mini memoirs, based around the theme of love…”

“…I laughed out loud a couple times while I was reading it on a plane…”

The Kindle version of this book is normally priced at $2.99, which is already a bargain, but now in the name of love, for only 24 hour starting at midnight on February 14, you can get it for $.99. (Or if you’re old school, you can get the paperback for only $7!)

Whether your love is just found, just lost, totally imagined, or just comes in the form of a rich cup of coffee and a good book, may you have an enjoyable Valentines Day 🙂


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