About Sparkle+Snark

Meet Jess, aka SPARKLE! (Is there glitter everywhere?! We hope so…)

Jess is the CEO of Jessica Leigh Coaching, and believes that when we all live in joy the world is our oyster. Literally, pearls everywhere and she celebrates mostly by singing loudly (off key) in hallways of schools, down sidewalks.

Jess first acted on possibility in her undergraduate studies when she stumbled across the plight of thousands of Ugandan nightwalkers, fleeing violence in their communities. Angered at the injustice, she started an organization and raised $10,000 in a few short weeks, years before anyone had heard of Kickstarter. Out of fear that this was not, in fact, a viable career path, she took a right turn into teaching with Teach for America. During her tenure, she  earned a masters of art in Curriculum and Pedagogy from the University of Colorado, Denver.

However, the four walls of the classroom felt constricting and she lit out to retire early in Portland, OR and started programmatic work in kindergarten through eighth grade. Jess discovered that teaching about community, and influencing the academic day with play lit her heart with fire + joy (Singing in the hallways was her JAM! Or was that breaking rules?!) Anyway, after 2 years of barely making ends meet, she moved to DC and took a communications position at an education advocacy non-profit.

Sitting behind a computer in an office left her languishing for months. Motivational blogs + Danielle LaPorte’s truth bombs got her out of bed in the morning and she began to voraciously down everything she could about life coaching. She enrolled in life coach training and never looked back. Just kidding. She was afraid all the time, of not being good enough, of missing out on her life. Working with a coach helped her find clarity in her dreams and support her in committing to the future she envisioned.

Bringing over a decade working with youth in schools, bits of improv in her background, and a specialty in building communities, Jess helps women + very cool dudes toss their check boxes to life and create the life that feels good to live. With boundless enthusiasm (sparkle) and her pushy New Yorker attitude?, she turns up the inspiration and moves towards joy, relentlessly.

Which is why her partnership with Meredith (Snark) works so remarkably well. A balance of realism with a dash of sparkle are the perfect recipe to become the author you’ve been dreaming about: we bring BIG time inspiration + Hella plans to get there.
Meet Meredith, aka SNARK (OMG, why is there always glitter everywhere?!)

After receiving a BA from the very liberal and optimistic college of Hobart and William Smith in upstate NY, Meredith Maslich set out full of youthful exuberance intent on “making a difference” and “changing the world”. After working with national non-profit organizations for two years, Meredith retreated back into the safety of academia for a few years while she earned an MA in Organizational Management from George Washington University. After being shoved, released back out into the world, Meredith decided that taking another office job was too “obvious”, so instead she started a non-profit management consulting company. Six years later, she heard herself say with nothing but snark, “These non-profit people honestly BELIEVE they can create change! They think that’s a real thing!” It was in that moment that she understood what professional burn-out looked like.

This time, with an academic retreat unavailable, she chose to hide behind a desk as an administrative coordinator while waiting for her soul to regenerate. After a few years she was again infused with entrepreneurial naiveté enthusiasm and decided to start an independent publishing company. Taking many of the lessons from her first company with her, and all of the snark she’d learned to embrace after suppressing it during her years working with earnest do-gooders non-profit executives, she started building a small but feisty company known as Possibilities Publishing Company.

Then, after meeting the sparkly and fabulous Jessica Leigh Lyons Sparkle&Snark was born, and the first outcome of that partnership was the creation of the Writer2Author program aimed at helping writers successfully weather the transition from writers into authors.