$.99 Books!

Are there any two things better to discover during the Holidays than:
Sales and Unique Gifts? Ok, maybe Free Cookies, but we don’t bake, we publish books. Which means…

From December 10-December 16 all of our Ebooks are priced at only 99 Cents!

For Mom’s to be, new parents and parents of toddlers, check out: Bad Mommy Moments, by Cindy Kane (normally $4.99)  or Pacifiers Anonymous, by Dr. Sumi Sexton, Ruby Natale, and Liza Draper (normally $9.99)

For anyone on your list who is interested in dream interpretation, self-hypnosis, or psychology, they’ll love Your Genius Within, by Dr. Victor Garlock (normally $3.99)

For anyone who earns a living by selling, or anyone who is often in negotiations, from lawyers to married couples, Sell More Easily, by Howard Maslich (normally $2.99) will be just the ticket.

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